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LSL Brands Assistant Buyer/Merchandiser

Full Time

LSL Brands Assistant Buyer/Merchandiser

LSL Brands is looking for an Assistant Buyer/Merchandiser to assist the lead buyer/merchandiser in all aspects of retail, ensuring all manufacturers are purchased, displayed, and operating profitably.

Functions & Responsibilities

  • Assist lead buyer/merchandiser in all aspects of retail

  • Develop initial purchase plan, monthly units and stock flow

  • Ensure sales goals, inventory flow and promotion of key items are realistic

  • Establish monthly BOM (Beginning of Month) unit inventories

  • Keep products and visuals in store fresh

  • Spot market trends and test them successfully 


  • Proven management skills

  • Self-motivated and creative

  • Team player

  • Positive attitude

  • Ability to multi-task

  • Proven communication, organization, customer service and motivational skills

REQUIRED: 1+ years of retail buying experience

Employment benefits can include 401K, health care and vacation time. Submit your resume and your LSL Brands job application to learn more about our exciting opportunities.

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